This site collects materials and reflections on conflict from the perspective of a practitioner, and an independent researcher. It also tries to illustrate what I do in the field and how I can effectively help individuals and organisations in dealing with difficult situations, as a neutral or an adviser.

As everybody, I’ve dealt with, and lived in conflict situations since I was born. However, thanks to my years of practice as an attorney, and as an ADR practitioner I’ve had the opportunity to observe how badly people may experience conflict, and what difficulties they (we all, indeed) usually encounter in coming to terms with it. So, I’m convinced it’s vital to reflect about the very nature of the phenomenon, its dynamics, and the possible ways of properly manage it.

What I basically do is –

  • to intervene as a neutral in conflict situations. Most of the cases I deal with are of commercial nature, however conflict has the peculiar feature to be transverse in respect of any kind of human relations, so the matter object of a dispute really has little ,if none impact on a mediator’s action, and I am happy to be assigned to cases of totally different nature (professional malpractice, inheritance, family, neighborhood, etc).
  • to design, and helping implementation of conflict management schemes, in particular upon referral by organisations desiring to prevent, or properly manage conflicts, either internal or with customers/stakeholders.
  • to coach and assist clients in difficult negotiations, especially where conflict talk may prevent clients from getting what they want, or cross cultural misunderstanding may impede the progress towards a satisfactory ending.

Carlo Mosca – Treviso/Venice (EU)

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